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Our Focus

The Coastal Research Group at the University of Windsor is focused on sediment transport and nearshore morphodynamics with a focus on beach-dune interaction, and barrier island response to sea level rise. We also conduct research on the physical and social dimensions of the rip current hazard, with field sites along the Great Lakes and in the Maritimes of Canada as well as Costa Rica. Our research involves a combination of fieldwork, remotely sensed data, geophysics and machine learning.

Research Opportunities

Join our research group! We are always looking to recruit talented undergraduate and graduate students interested in coastal and marine research. Send an email to learn more about research opportunities.

Our Team

Chris Houser

Chris Houser

Dean of Science

Professor, School of the Environment

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Post-doctoral Fellow

PhD, University of Ulster

Jenny Gharib

Masters of Earth Science - Barrier Breaching 2022

Summer Locknick

Masters of Earth Science - Rip Currents 2020

Brianna Lunardi

Masters of Earth Science - Alongshore Coupling of the Ecogeomorphology of a Beach Dune System 2021

Valerie Morin

Brent Vlodarchyk

Masters of Earth Science - Predicting Landslides 2020

Phillipe Wernette

Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2020, Now: USGS


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